Large Industry

Shakeel - Have set up Soda Ash, Ethanol, H2O2 etc. trend setting projects

Project identification till commercial production

Four Pillar Approach; Equipment main frame from China, high tech from developed countries, local fabrication and role of professional.

SME Development Center

Viable new projects identification, setting up production line, marketing facilitation and financial etc. services.

Arranging overseas Pakistanis and Chinese firms Joint Venture for exportable to USA/EU

Up gradation and product diversification of existing SME.


Sourcing manufacturers at China for agency, Direct procurement' of equipment and material means economy and reliability.Agency for marketing. Sourcing manufacturers at China for agency.

Arranged reserve areas for Chinese companies in the upcoming industrial estate in Punjab province Lahore-Sundar, Faisalabad... read more

5 number ones in industry

1. Have set up 1st Soda Ash plant by local investor in 1996 worth Rs. Billon plus. Country has only two Soda Ash plants, other one is owned by a multinational.

2. Have set up the biggest Ethanol plant (400,000 ltr/day) in the country with zero pollution in 2004

3. Have developed 1st Hydrogen peroxide project in the country which is in production since 2009.

4. Have set up 1st power plant based at Punjab's low quality.

5. Prepared Free Trade Agreement draft and economic strategy for China for the Govt. of Pakistan.

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    Public-Private Partnership

  • (SME Business Support Fund (Ministry of Finance) and Technology Exchange and Coordination (Pvt.) Ltd
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Transfer of Technology

Transfer and adaptation of technology and arranging experts, Don't fear we are here for your help in transfer of technology you required from place to you... read more