Pak China

Number ones in Pak-China Economic Cooperation

  1. In 1992 1st time standardized Chinese buses in Pakistan and arranged import of 116 buses for prime minister scheme from China.
  2. In 1996 1st time arranged purchase of 2nd hand complete plant equipment from China (Fang shan) worth US$ 4 million for Soda Ash project.
  3. In 1998 1st time purchased coal fired power plant from China for private sector in Pakistan. This has opened the new chapter.
  4. In 1998 1st time established China, ASEAN economic relation standing committee in Lahore chamber and participated in JMC meeting at Beijing in 2000 on the behalf of private sector.
  5. In 2003 1st time arranged procurement of plant equipment for Industrial alcohol project. Previously equipment was procured from France. A project worth US$ 30 million.
  6. Arranged reserve areas for Chinese companies in the upcoming industrial estate in Punjab province Lahore-Sundar, Faisalabad.
  7. In 2005 consultant with Ministry of commerce for formulating “Strategy regarding economic relations with China”