Service Providers Resource Center

Service Providers Resource Center

SME, Service providers and large industry Resource Center is our scope of work. It includes:

i. SME Development Center:

It will facilitate vendors in getting the assignment from large industry, public sector and upcoming industry with the input of knowhow, quality, time line monitoring, and engineering processes coordination by the service providers.


ii. Service provider resource center

  1. Engaging service providers and academia in conducting industrial survey for need assessment of industry, technological up gradation,  product diversification, marketing, finance, human resource facilitation    for the existing industry.
  2. Engaging service providers in new projects identification, market, technical, and financial feasibility studies


iii. Large industry resource center

It will facilitate setting up large industry at 4 pillar model:

  1. Project main frame and basic design from relatively developed countries
  2. High tech from developed countries
  3. Possible local manufacturing
  4. Role of professionals in detailed engineering and construction